This is my ‘somewhere’ and here I will start

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This is my third stab at blogging. My greatest driver to do this is the urge to create something. For a long time I have been the consumer of other people’s creations, be it printed, acted, or recorded for the big screen. I look up to many of the creatives, the scientists, thespians, singers, and A-list actors. “How do they do it?” I always asked myself. The common denominator they all have is that they started somewhere. This is my ‘somewhere’ and here I will start.

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This is my ‘somewhere’ and here I will start


Why a site that ends with dot com? There are several reasons for this. I like writing, I like wordplay, I think the internet is awesome, and the name sums up all those. A site that ends with dot com is a space for my creativity. A place to express myself, share my views, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

I intend to be doing everything from poetry, to opinion pieces, heritage stories, recipes, travel stories, other people’s stories, photography, and tech reviews. Maybe with time I will find my niche and focus on it. For now however, it is a variety show and this is a site that ends with dot com. Sit back, scroll down, and have a great time.


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