Now that I’m a grown up, what am I? 

What do you wanna be when you grow up? 

I never quite knew how to answer this question. So I rounded off my answer to the nearest fancy profession I could find. That was usually “I wanna be an engineer!”

My story with engineering deserves its own post. Spoiler alert: I’m not an engineer, but have lots of respect for them. It took me serious failure to realize I don’t have a future in the field, but I digress. 

It recently dawned on me that I  never really figured out what I want to do as an adult. Either that, or I never had the courage to embrace my passions. This epiphany coincided with a shift in my focus towards people who make a living from things they are passionate about. I simply call them ‘the creators.’ The most inspirational in this bunch are YouTube stars, especially tech reviewers (Marcus Brownlee, Linus Sebastian, Lewis of Unbox therapy) ,.. and Casey Neistat among others. Their work embodies the perfect mix of creativity, passion and diligence.

I too want to be a creator! It’s always great to consume other people’s creative works, but I’m increasingly feeling that I too should play a more active role. 

 When I grow up, I want to embrace my creativity. I like learning things and talking about them. When I grow up, I’m gonna do this in a site that ends with dot com.