Martin Odote’s Resumé

My name is Martin Odote. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. 25 years later, I moved to Germany. I speak English, Swahili, German, Luo, and basic Kenyan Sign Language. This is a summary of academic, professional and creative activities I have been involved in and some which I continue to engage in.


January 2021

Customer Care Agent, Sitel GmBH

February 2017-February 2018

Production Assistant, Lausitzer Rundschau Medienverlag und Druckerei

February 2016 – November 2016
Film Blocker, Bloc-INC Film services Berlin
During this period, I was assigned the responsibility of securing an adequate buffer zone between the film crews and the general public during the filming of a wide range of television and cinema productions.

November 2014 – September 2015
Volunteer, German Red Cross, Schwesternschaft Marburg
I was posted to work in a hospital, Vogelsbergkreiskrankenhaus Alsfeld, where I served as an assistant to the Medical staff in different parts of the hospital.

2011 – 2014
Online Academic Assistant, Various Agencies
Assisting students across the world in handling challenging aspects of their coursework such as essay writing, university applications, and the preparation of presentations.

July-September 2012
Tourism Management Training Internship, Sopon Safaris Kenya
During three months, I was exposed to the inner workings of a tour-operator offering Safari packages to domestic and international tourists. My main responsibilities here including the creation of itineraries for prospective clients, the costing of tours, and responding to other inquiries that customers may have had about the firm’s products.

May-August 2011
Management and Marketing Internship, Kenya Wildlife Service–  Mombasa Marine Park and Coast Conservation Area
This was a two-part internship whereby my time was split between the Kenya Wildlife Service Offices and Mombasa Marine Park. I got to observe and participate in the implementation of managerial decisions in the field as well as the feedback that came back from different stakeholders. In addition to this, I got to study the inner workings of Kenya’s coastal tourist circuit. I eventually wrote my Bachelor Thesis on the Beach Management Program that was initiated in the same period.

January 2018
MA. World Heritage Studies, Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus-Sentrenberg, Germany
I studied key aspects of heritage including safeguarding, preservation, site management, marketing, economic aspects, and intercultural issues of importance.
I also got the opportunity to participate in two intensive heritage-related study projects. The first project was titled ‘heritage synergies.’ My responsibility in this project was to serve as the group’s expert on UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World‘ programme. We prepared a joint publication where I contributed several articles pertaining to the potential ways the Memory of the World program would fit in proposed synergies.
The second study project was centered on World Monuments Fund nominations for heritage sites for project funding. Together with a colleague, we nominated the Vasco da Gama Pillar located along Kenya’s coast.

I wrote and successfully defended a thesis on Cultural Appropriation of the Maasai Brand, specifically focusing on how to empower indigenous communities in the ownership of their cultural property. In the near future, I intend to write a book on the same subject.

December 2013
Bsc. Tourism Management, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
The study program introduced me to the inner workings of international tourism, with a special focus on legislative issues, tourism development, tourism promotion, and emerging issues in the industry.

My Bachelor Thesis was focused on the administration of tourist activities and related enterprises along the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach in Mombasa.

Prodan, Anca Claudia (Ed.). Heritage Synergies: Enhancing Protection through Coordinated Effort. A report, Study Project in World Heritage Studies. Chair Intercultural Studies, Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, 2017
Odote, Martin (2013) Tourism as an Invisible Export of Kenya, Kenyatta University (
Odote, Martin (2013) Sustainable Tourism in Kenya, Kenyatta University (

I have been writing poetry and articles on various subjects for the last two years and publishing them on my website (

Photography and videography have become almost second nature to me, and I continue to invest my time and resources into expanding my skills in the crafts. I have a youtube channel that I regularly upload content to, as well as a twitter account dedicated to colorized historical content. Most of my photography is uploaded to my instagram account.

Co-creator and producer of the OUV Podcast. Which has been running from 2016 to 2020. We discuss a wide variety of subjects ranging from the philosophical to current global events.

I played rugby for a decade between high school, club-level, and for my university. The teams I represented were Mean Maroon, for Lenana School, Strathmore Leos, and later Blakblad for Kenyatta University.

I have been formally engaged in leadership in my higher studies. For the entire duration of my undergraduate studies, I was the class representative. In my Master Program, I got to serve in the World Heritage Studies Students’ Council. I also served as a spokesman in the Student’s Christian Fellowship in Cottbus for one Semester.