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Old shoes, new shoes,
No more old steps,
Old you, new you,
Lots of progress,

Old plan, new plan,
Act more, talk less,
Old man, new man,
New thought process,

Old wine, new wine,
One sounds better,
Old rhyme, new rhyme,
One sounds greater,

Old wine, new wine,
One sounds lesser,
Old poem, new poem,
One sounds lesser,

Old-school, new-school,
One is current,
Old cool, new cool,
Flow like current,

Old tool, new tool,
One can cut it,
Old fool, new fool,
None can cut it,

Old thought, new thought,
That’s progressive,
Old hot, new hot,
That’s subjective,

Old view, new view,
Change altitude,
Old crew, new crew,
Change multitude,

Old news, new news,
New perspectives,
Old views, new views,
Thats corrective,

Old new, new new,
Old truth, new truth,


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