An Amateur Love Poem

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No title, if asked I’ll say love poem,
Untitled, welcome to my mind noise,
Unbridled, just jumbled up white noise,
Not bridal, like Anthony weds Loise,
Entitled like one of the big boys,
This battle with bouncing words like toys,
This bubbling bouncing heart my joys,
The struggle with words for this love poem,
I’m sounding like mad man with high voice

blur, bokeh, bright

An expert on love since standard four,
I knew about love since I was four,
I could spell the word while on all fours,
I spelt all the letters yes all four,
I know you will laugh you are my foe,
The drum in my mind beats five plus four,
Yes nine keeps the rhyme one two three four.

The poem was for love lest I forget.
The going was too hard ask this poet
I lied about love, I don’t know et,
The lies about love that you just ate,
The truth about love is much like hate,
Much wiser I learnt in standard eight,
A story that lines up with regret,
How so much I wish I could forget,
I had it, I fumbled I lost et,

The verse above stopped with a protest,
Quite frankly it’s likely the longest,
Let’s stop here and make this the shortest.

This tale, of a boy with a puffed chest,
A pride that could stretch from East to West.,
An ego as big as Mr. West’s,
Kanye, AKA baba Northwest,
I thought I was better than the rest
Results down like those of a wrong test,
With love I was clearly not the best,
So hopeless not even the tenth best,

Square one let’s go back to friend requests,
I hope there is no more let’s be friends,
To that you should add terms like best friends,
To me that’s uncertain like deep end,
Euphoria so much like it’s weekend,
Emotions get tired and weakened,
The way I say ‘hi’ these days depends,

You’d know that, but that’s if you listened,
But pride got us puffed up like Street cred,
If both of us stopped being wicked,
In actions and mean things that we said,
Like shut up, you messed up you big head,
Or be more like your brother she said,
A hopeless game of he and she said,
A friendship that’s gone probably dead,
A false start a story halfly baked,
Insomnia, coz now I just sleep less,
The nights are so quiet and sleepless,
So hollow like shirts that are sleeveless,
Now grown and much wiser I’ll leave less,
Coz each time I did I just lived less,
I thought when I did I could leave stress,
This love life is more of a big mess.


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