A Love Tutorial

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I thought I’d write a poem,
A little something going,
I hope it don’t be boring,
If so I’ll just say sorry,

That’s hard let’s try a letter,
Not alphabetic letters,
But posta kinda letters
At times we say love letters,

The good things with love letters,
They work well for go getters,
If literacy will let us,
The pretty one will get hers

And if your ‘that one’ get’s hers
You’ll very likely get her,
And if another get’s her,
Try hard next time is better,

So next time try a text,
It may just get your next,
If you don’t give your best,
Then soon she is your ex,

Orange Tabby Cat Beside Fawn Short-coated Puppy

Let’s blame auto correct,
For all the friendships wrecked,
It always interjects,
At times we must object,

You should have made a call,
It always works for all,
For tough ones and for dolls,
Let’s try make that a goal,

It’s better than to stalk,
Tip toeing as you walk,
And always shy to talk,
You’ll always be a joke,

Man try and be a joker,
If not then try a talker,
If not then try and walk her,
Buy Choc’late Willy Wonka.,

Its not about the cash,
And not about the rush,
So long as she’s your crush,
It’s cool to make her blush.

And don’t forget to pray,
You think you know the way,
It’s not so hard to stray,
So far it makes you wail,

If you two become lovers,
A pair of happy love birds,
Exchanging cards and love hearts,
Do thank the Lord above us


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