A Lifeless Poem

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I thought this would sound deadly,
That sweet smooth kind of medley,
Instead it sounds more deathly,
Than Bruce AKA dead-Lee,

I thought I’d bribe the reaper,
This price I have to lipa,
Lest I get buried deeper,
Down low like gully Creepa.

Coz life is not for keepers,
Defenders and the skippers,
It’s end is hid from peepers,
It’s end brings out all weepers

At times we call them mourners
Coz all they do is mourn us
Some times its coz they own us
But never coz they owe us

And now they sing the chorus,
That dirge composed just for us,
By artistes gone before us,
Sad songs not heard by owners

It’s time to lay us under,
So deep say six feet under,
Forget about the ladder,
The truth will make you sadder.

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