Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator

I spent three minutes debating the correct spelling of procrastinate. My spell-check is set to German, so whichever variation I choose, a red line appears underneath. Anyway, this article is about the biggest bane to my creative endeavors. Its been a repetitive theme ever since I created my first blog a little over a decade ago.

The giants on whose shoulders I stand have time and time again talked about the perils of procrastination. In Primary school, one of my teachers, I cant recall which one, told us that the greatest ideas are found in graveyards. In Ecclesiastes 11:4 the writer says ‚Whoever watches the Wind does not plant, whoever looks at the clouds does not reap.‘ This verse hits uncomfortably close to home. I tend to overthink many things and while being prudent is good, overdoing it can cripple even the simplest of tasks.

Waiting until conditions are just right is a luxury very few people get to have. Waiting until I have enough time, a quiet place, the right computer, etc will never really happen. I should really internalize the ‚Go in the Strength you have‘ Mantra. I have done so in a few areas of my life and it usually paid off. I should do the same for my site that ends with dot com. Registering the domain was interesting because at the time, I could proudly proclaim that i have This site that ends with dot com needs content. Short stories about things, trinkets that gather dust on my shelves, and ideas that live rent-free in my head.

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